The Agence pour l’Entreprise & l’Innovation (AEI) was formed by the merger of the Agence de Stimulation Économique (ASE) and the Agence de Stimulation Technologique (AST) in March 2015.

These two agencies were involved for almost seven years in the development of Walloon enterprise. More specifically,

  • The Agence de Stimulation Économique acted as a centre of economic leadership, structuring the range of services for Walloon SMEs to best meet their needs.
  • The Agence de Stimulation Technologique ran the EasyNove network, which was made up of over 300 acknowledged experts who were trained and equipped to help SMEs and micro-enterprises to form and promote their innovative projects.

The AEI was appointed by the Walloon authorities to offer effective backing and support services for Wallonia’s economic, technological and digital development.