The Agence pour l’Entreprise & l’Innovation (AEI) is building, manages and runs a unique network of advisers for enterprises, brought together within Walloon structures known as “operators”. As a whole, these operators have skills in innovation development, business creation and enterprise support.

This unique network consists of local operators, including social economy advisory agencies, and operators specialising in areas concerning research and technology.

Local operators

Walloon Brabant:





Advisory agencies


Operators specialising in areas concerning research and technology


The AEI ensures that its activities and those of operators compliment those carried out by its main partners (public bodies including the SPW – DGO6 (Directorate General of the Economy, Employment & Research), AWEX, FOREM, IFAPME and public financial bodies). It also organises collaboration so that its partners can incorporate its activities in their own development.

All the bodies operate in partnership based on exchange and collaboration to make services effective for the end beneficiaries: enterprises, project leaders, etc.

In addition, through its delegated missions, the AEI starts partnerships with other operators to complete its projects.

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