Our mission

The Agence pour l’Entreprise & l’Innovation (AEI) supports the creation and development of enterprises, innovation and the development of new economic activities.

Its mission is to:

  1. manage, structure, lead and evaluate a network of advisers which offers project leaders and enterprises a coordinated set of services, and which thus promotes the creation, development and transmission of enterprises, as well as all aspects of innovation;
  2. support the development of a culture of entrepreneurship and new economic models such as short supply chains, the circular economy and the cooperation economy;
  3. provide easy access for enterprises and project leaders to any useful information (aid forms, aid and support available in Wallonia, tracking their files, etc.) through a single entry point: the Infos-Entreprises portal;
  4. manage specific aid for enterprises and project leaders (pre-seed grants, innovation grants, technology vouchers;
  5. optimise the transfer of technology and knowledge about research;
  6. help make Wallonia a region of digital excellence through the Agence du Numérique (AdN).

The AEI works for Walloon enterprises and provides suitable solutions to their needs. It is part of a participatory dynamic and operates with creativity and agility.