A programme of actions for enterprising generations in Wallonia

The Agence pour l’Entreprise & l’Innovation (AEI) is pursuing its mission to firmly establish a culture of entrepreneurship for enterprising generations in Wallonia.

The “Enterprising generations 2015-2020” revolves around four main pillars:

  1. Entrepreneurial school: supporting development of entrepreneurial schools to bring out entrepreneurial vocations;
  2. Continuous training and teacher support: supporting teachers in adapting their teaching to make it more entrepreneurial and more creative;
  3. The entrepreneurial journey of students: enabling each student, before they complete their education, to participate in a minimum number of activities developing their entrepreneurial attitude;
  4. The “students-entrepreneurs: encouraging students to develop their project, to support them and facilitate the move to entrepreneurship as part of their education.

This strategy is part of the ongoing work to raise awareness of the spirit of enterprise and entrepreneurship training carried out by the AEI since 2007. Since then, tools and actions on the ground have been offered to teachers and education stakeholders to inspire young people to be entrepreneurs, by leading them to actively mobilise entrepreneurial knowledge and attitudes, such as self-confidence, a sense of responsibility, creativity, team spirit, perseverance and initiative.

In addition to these actions for the development of a culture of entrepreneurship in the broad sense in the world of eduction, the “enterprising generations” programme aims to:

  1. Highlight enterprising personalities, propose models of identification and encourage first-hand accounts;
  2. Implement targeted actions to support development of female entrepreneurship, an essential breeding ground for economic development;
  3. Support young entrepreneurs through tutoring, sponsorship and mentoring.

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