A virtual one stop shop for enterprises

The Agence pour l’Entreprise & l’Innovation (AEI) manages and coordinates a unique information and services platform for enterprises.

The Infos-Entreprises provides information to enterprises and advises them of all Walloon assistance available to them. The portal is the single gateway to a range of aid.

This constantly evolving portal sets out information and tools in such a way as to hide complex administrative procedures and achieves a smart simplicity. It is evolving to:

  • collect all the approaches taken by enterprises in one virtual location;
  • offer enterprises online tracking of all its records (including their history);
  • arrange aid in the form of portfolios that enable enterprises to activate aid simply and without unnecessarily re-encoding data, though each aid will be processed by the competent administration or organisation.

To achieve this, the AEI works closely with the competent public administrations and bodies.

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