Aid and support for enterprises and project leaders

The Agence pour l’Entreprise & l’Innovation (AEI) provides practical assistance for enterprise development through financial incentives and support:


Aid for project development

  • Technology cheques: this is up to €15,000 per year to quickly give any Walloon SME interested in technological innovation to spend on a recognised partner (an approved research centre or haute école) offering services relating to this field. This aid is cofunded by the European Regional Development Fund.
  • Intellectual Property cheques: this is up to €15,000 per year to quickly give any Walloon SME the chance to pool the necessary intellectual property resources and tools to back up its innovation strategy with services entrusted to a recognised partner (patent attorneys, PatLib centre, OPRI). This aid is cofunded by the European Regional Development Fund.

A quiz on all the financial aid for innovative projects

In a few clicks, this quiz makes it possible to discover all the financial aid available to meet enterprises’ needs.


The AEI coordinates a range of support for enterprises and project leaders:

  • A network of advisers for enterprises

The AEI is supported by Walloon operators (experts) who, as a whole, are skilled in economic leadership, technology promotion, entrepreneurship, creativity and new economic models. This network is one of the pillars of the Walloon economic and innovation ecosystem.

  • « Recovering Enterprises » Plan

One in every five enterprises is potentially in difficulty. In view of this situation, the role of the “Recovering Enterprises” Plan is to help entrepreneurs overcome their temporary difficulties. It is also to enable them to develop again or to relaunch by involving them as much as possible in their recovery after unfortunately going out of business. It is also to detect their problems as far in advance as possible and to alert them to the first warning signs heralding an emerging problem.

  • A Walloon start-up support system

This involves supporting unemployed job-seekers who primarily want to start working on a self-employed basis.

  • Development support through entrepreneurial mentoring

Specifically, this means implementing mentor/mentee pairings according to the methodologies developed by the French Entrepreneurial Mentoring Institute and its partners.

  • Enterprise Europe Network Wallonia

In association with the AEI, 9 Walloon operators that are part of the AEI network of advisers represent the Enterprise Europe network in Wallonia, and offer services focusing on “the European dimension and added value of the network”. The services of the Wallonia EEN are more specifically aimed at enterprises with innovation and internationalisation potential. They cover 3 main areas: international partnership, innovation support and European consultancy.

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