Support for new economic models

The Agence pour l’Entreprise & l’Innovation (AEI) supports new economic models and urges the advisers and experts in its network to suggest that enterprises develop their activities by incorporating new economic models.

  • Short supply chains

The AEI arranges networking for short supply chain stakeholders by holding meetings and networking events or by providing expertise to short supply chain joint initiatives. It reinforces short supply chain expertise (training, co-creation of a tool to help project development – collective processing workshops, for example). It shares innovative, creative and sustainable practices that it has identified and makes recommendations to support short supply chains.

Why develop short supply chains?

  • The circular economy

The circular economy is a major issue for the Walloon economy. This is the subject of the NEXT programme, with which the AEI (through its network of advisers and experts) works in partnership.

More specifically, the AEI arranges, coordinates and encourages networking of circular economy experts for enterprises. The AEI also organises a series of actions for students and teachers to make future generations aware of this economic model.

  •  Strategic intelligence

The AEI is continuing to implement actions to inform, raise awareness and train enterprises on strategic intelligence. The aim is to enable entrepreneurs to anticipate change and to optimise decision-making.

Using managerial techniques to control and protect pertinent strategic information, the AEI offers a panel of services to enterprises, as well as to students and research centres:

  • a training hub for enterprises;
  • actions or “student entrepreneurs“;
  • coordination and professionalisation of a network of strategic intelligence experts;
  • development of strategic intelligence actions in specific sectors.
  • The cooperation economy

Our economic model is essentially based on the concept of markets and competition. However, another trend, based on networks and cooperation, is beginning to take shape. The AEI can provide a strategic framework and structure the landscape, co-construct and disseminate methodologies and implement pilot projects to enable project leaders and enterprises that wish to do so to implement these governance models.

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